Here at The Craft Oasis, we are aiming to give people time out from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to find a small area of peace and tranquillity. Through running the classes and from doing Demonstrations for various craft companies Hilary has met so many people  who find  rest and refreshing through their crafting. It has become evident to us that there are many  people who through illness, mobility problems, cost, distance etc cannot come to the classes.

The idea has been gradually growing of expanding The Craft Oasis via the website to teach and minister to people in their own homes. We hope that with the help of the site individuals and small groups of friends can gather together with basic crafting materials and craft  with us.

Gradually we will be adding tutorials to the site

As well as our tutorials, part of our ministry is to bright a little hope, laughter, encouragement and thoughtfulness into the  package.

My Quiet Places

Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest. Mark 6 v 31

I have always enjoyed quiet places as long as I can remember. Family days out come rain or shine in the woods, down the riverbank and once in a while a treat at the seaside. I learnt the names of all the wildflowers we saw, the birds with their flight patterns, their eggs, their plumage and their calls. Like many other families money was scarce and we made our own enjoyment  in the freedom of quiet places.  This  feeling of peace  has been an important part of my life through growing up and  having a family of my own. I still seek out my quiet places.